is a Free Interactive Simulation of a Solar Power PV (PhotoVoltaic) Energy System. Increase & Decrease the Sun intensity to produce more power. Turn various appliances On & Off to see battery charging/discharging & power consumption.
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Click the 'Simulator ON/OFF' button to get started. Then, just click any of the appliance switches to turn them On & Off and click the Sun Intensity 'Decrease' & 'Increase' buttons to change the Solar Panel output.

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Although not a game, our Solar Design Tools website has very useful tools for learning about and designing a Solar Power Energy System. Using our easy point & click interface (no typing), you can quickly determine the number of Solar Panels & Batteries a system will require. Just select the various appliances you are using and the number of hours per day of estimated use.

Links to all our Games & Simulations can be found @ Also, if you have any comments, suggestions, or even criticisms, you can leave them at that website. Thanks for playing & remember, all of our games & simulations are free.

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